L&M Radiator mascot, Radman, gives a thumbs up

Radman to the Rescue! L&M Radiator Celebrates 20 Years of Radman

There are many superheroes boasting a wide range of strengths uniquely linked to things in our environment. There’s Spiderman, who boasts Spidy Strength. There’s Antman, who has the power of an ant. And there are the somewhat obscure superheroes with amazing abilities, such as Doug Ramsey, aka Cypher, a member of the New Mutants, who can understand and translate any language – not just human language, but birds, reptiles and other creatures.

So, why should we be surprised then, if there’s a superhero whose strength lies in creating the most powerful and long-lasting industrial radiators known in the universe. Someone who can decode the pain points of mine equipment maintenance managers and instantly replace ill-performing radiators with a radiator so resilient that it can outlast multiple engine overhauls.

This year, L&M Radiator celebrates the 20th anniversary of Radman, a superhero who made his debut in 2003 in a holiday season promotional mailer.

L&M Radiator mascot, Radman, gives a thumbs up

“Radman embodies the best of L&M Radiator,” said Kerry Hecimovich, Design and Application Engineering Manager. “As engineers, we listen closely to maintenance managers and their planners and help them solve their cooling problems wherever they’re located in the world. We offer both immediate and long-term solutions that will help prevent problems in the future.”

By day, Radman is James Mattson, a mild-mannered engineering genius in heat exchange at L&M Radiator. But when he senses a problem in the world of industrial heat exchangers, Mattson turns into his alter ego, Radman, who is dedicated to keeping the world cool under the stresses of some of the world’s most extreme working conditions.

In his debut, Mattson, on the eve of Christmas, hears the cries of a maintenance engineer at a landfill whose boss has informed him that he’ll probably need to work on Christmas Day to clean and repair an OEM radiator that is clogged up with landfill debris and is leaking. Mattson leaves the L&M Radiator holiday party and transforms into Radman. He flies to the rescue of the maintenance engineer with a Mesabi V-Tube Core radiator that can replace the existing radiator, thus, saving the day for the maintenance engineer.

“If there’s an ‘evil villain’ in this story, it’s the dreaded Downtime, Radman’s long-time nemisis,” added Hecimovich. “Radman, like everyone here at L&M Radiator, is ready to fight Downtime and keep our customers’ operations moving with cooling solutions that stand the test of time.”

In Radman’s first mission, the maintenance engineer and his boss learn a valuable lesson – “from now on, only spec Mesabi radiators from L&M Radiator.” Radman, aka James Mattson, in what seems like just “minutes,” quietly returns to the L&M Radiator holiday party having saved the day.

In the years since, Radman has taken on a life of his own. He’s appeared on drink tumblers, koozies, air fresheners, coffee mugs, t-shirts and more, offering a reminder that where there’s a cooling problem that needs to be solved, L&M Radiator engineers are ready and willing to help their customers solve them.


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