High-Pressure Aluminum CSC™


MESABI® High-Pressure Aluminum CSC™ offer the precise, high-performing cooling solution for your needs. Regardless of application pressures, cooling performance needs or space requirements a full-line of MESABI® High-Pressure Aluminum CSC™ are ready for the call.

Our High-Pressure Aluminum CSC™ Coolers come equipped with tube-to-header seals, which are held captive in the header plate.


Individual tubes are held in headers with flexible rubber seals.


Individual tubes allow for easy in-field repair. Refer to resources for service videos.


Cores can be easily cleaned externally with high-pressure air or water. 


48-month warranty against seal leakage.
*5 years or 25,000 hours when specified on new OEM equipment.

High-Performance Cooling Solution: Mesabi High-Pressure Aluminum CSC Tames Thermal and Shock Expansion; Reduces Repair Costs and Downtime


Mesabi® High-Pressure Aluminum Captured Seal Coolers (CSC) offer precise, high-performing cooling solutions for a variety of applications including surface drills in fracking and mining.

Eliminating the potential for leaky soldered seams even in the harshest of work site conditions and extreme climates, Mesabi High-Pressure Aluminum CSC oil and air coolers perform in the harshest, coldest conditions (double digit sub-zero cold Arctic) and can handle thermal expansion and shock and vibration stresses like no other cooler. 

Mesabi High-Pressure Aluminum CSC oil and air coolers do this by combatting thermal and mechanical shock and fatigue with L&M rubber seal ingenuity. For example, Mesabi rubber seals eliminate thermal expansion stresses for oil-lubricated air compressors, as well as the leaks that lead to system failure and expensive downtime. Proven time and again to withstand whatever comes their way, these seals are backed by L&M’s industry-best warranty.

Thermal fatigue is a key challenge to compressor and hydraulic oil coolers on blast-hole drill rigs and a variety of oil-gas skid packages that have compressors. When hot oil hits the core, the core expands, but the framework around it does not. When the system cools down, it is just the opposite. The core shrinks, and by that point, the framework has warmed up and still wants to be in expanded mode.

Regardless of application pressures, cooling performance needs, or space requirements, Mesabi High-Pressure Aluminum CSC coolers have tube-to-header seals held captive in the header plate and can be custom designed. The integral circular finning rolled from the tube wall, and turbulators placed in tubes to increase heat transfer and for easy removal, all aid in maximum efficiency and ease of maintenance.

L&M’s exclusive design ensures that Mesabi High-Pressure Aluminum CSC Coolers can be quickly and simply returned to service if damaged or require regular maintenance. Held in headers with flexible, fluorocarbon rubber seals locked into place with simple retainer clips, individual tubes are easily repairable in the field and can be returned to 100 percent cooling performance. Mesabi CSC cores are easily cleaned externally with high-pressure air or water.

L&M Radiator provides incomparable service to users and OEMs because all service is handled at the manufacturer level. In emergencies, L&M can ship most parts within 48 hours. Onsite technical and engineering assistance is available nearly anywhere in the world with a few days’ notice thanks to manufacturing facilities and parts depots in the United States, Europe, Mexico, Chile, and Australia.

MESABI® High-Pressure Aluminum CSC™ are covered by the L&M Radiator, Inc. General Warranty along with the following Product Specific Warranty:

L&M Radiator, Inc. warrants MESABI® High-Pressure Aluminum CSC™ against seal leakage during normal operation for 48 months from date of invoice on new coolers.


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