Only Genuine Mesabi Parts Can Guarantee Long-Lasting Dependability and Reliability

News Release: Only Genuine Mesabi Parts Can Guarantee Long-Lasting Dependability and Reliability

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Only Genuine Mesabi Parts Can Guarantee
Long-Lasting Dependability and Reliability

Hibbing, Minnesota – The roughest, toughest, most extreme conditions on Earth call for just one name – Mesabi®-brand radiators and cooling systems.

Built by L&M Radiator in Hibbing, Minnesota, Mesabi radiators have been the workhorses of mine sites, oil and gas operations, power generation sites and other heavy-duty applications since 1957. The Arctic Circle, Australia’s Outback, Siberia, the Saudi Arabian desert – in the coldest and hottest places on Earth, Mesabi radiators are custom designed to keep heavy-duty trucks and equipment and generators running smoothly and dependably 24/7, 365 days a year.

So, it goes without saying, when it comes time to clean and repair a Mesabi radiator or cooler, only original Mesabi parts and service will do.

“Only Mesabi original parts match the exact specifications required to meet the demanding needs of our radiators and cooling systems,” said Dan Chisholm, president of L&M Radiator. “Our parts were made to work together in perfect harmony to earn our reputation for incredible performance, which we’ve built over 60 years.”

Why Genuine Mesabi

Genuine Mesabi parts offer mining companies, oil and gas companies, and other heavy-equipment owners and operators the trust, reliability, value and performance of parts that are perfectly designed for Mesabi radiators and coolers. Genuine Mesabi parts improve the long-term performance of your Mesabi radiator or cooler, lower your cost of ownership, and help retain the value of your product over the course of your ownership, enhancing its value in the secondary market.

Genuine Mesabi parts are made by L&M Radiator – the same people who make Mesabi radiators and coolers, the world standard in super heavy-duty radiators and coolers. Because of this, customers can rely on Mesabi quality, high performance, and proper selection (no guesswork).

In addition, when you use Genuine Mesabi parts to maintain your Mesabi radiator or cooler, you ensure the validity of your product warranty. Using non-Mesabi parts will violate a Mesabi radiator or cooler warranty.

Use Genuine Mesabi Parts

L&M Radiator, Inc. leads the industry in designing and manufacturing high-performance flexible core cooling and heat transfer solutions. Heat transfer needs require continuous improvement, which is why L&M makes a commitment to supply its customers with genuine Mesabi parts wherever Mesabi radiators or coolers are being worked.

“We build our products so that our customers can maintain them themselves,” said Chisholm. “Because equipment downtime is very costly and in extreme environments, a matter of survival, we recommend that our customers only use genuine Mesabi parts with their Mesabi radiators — not cheap knock-offs made in other parts of the world.”

To keep its customers supplied with genuine Mesabi parts, L&M Radiator has a worldwide network of manufacturing plants and representatives who can get tubes and seals to its customers within 24 to 48 hours in most circumstances.

“In working with the mining and oil and gas industries for 64 years, we understand that downtime on a mining vehicle or a generator needs to be minimized,” said Chisholm.

Minimizing Downtime; Optimizing Performance: The Mesabi Difference

Every aspect of Mesabi radiators and coolers is designed to minimize downtime and optimize performance. Constructed with Mesabi’s signature individual cooling tubes, flexible rubber seals and no soldered seams, Mesabi products are proven to perform in the harshest conditions in the world – from extreme cold to extreme heat.

Mesabi heat transfer solutions are engineered and designed with the Mesabi® Difference. Built to optimize performance, simplify maintenance, withstand any conditions and reduce downtime – Mesabi products deliver the competitive edge that today’s companies demand. The Mesabi Difference is rooted in solving the problems that others can’t by taking into account aspects that others won’t. By welcoming challenges from around the world, L&M Radiator has developed industry-leading heat exchangers – the standard by which all others are judged — using knowledge gained over 60 years in the world’s toughest conditions.

“Every day, in corners of the world you can’t even imagine, Mesabi radiators and coolers are put to the test,” said Chisholm. “Our reputation is on the line every day. That’s why we insist on the use of genuine Mesabi parts.”

About L&M Radiator, Inc.

Headquartered in Hibbing, Minnesota, L&M Radiator, Inc. ( is a global company with employees and operations in the United States, Australia, Mexico and Chile. For more than six decades, L&M Radiator has served heavy industry around the globe with dedication, focus, and integrity. Since the company’s inception, it has had one goal – to deliver the best quality products and services based on innovative heat transfer technologies. The company was founded in 1957 as a pioneer in the burgeoning heat transfer industry. Armed with its Mesabi replaceable cooling tube technology and a passion for succeeding, L&M Radiator proved that focusing on identifying customer needs and providing the Mesabi Difference would position the company as a leader and supplier of choice.
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