Jeremy Jensen

22-year L&M Radiator Employee Encourages All: “One of the Best Decisions in my Life”

Experienced welder Jeremy Jensen could work anywhere but each and every day, he chooses L&M Radiator as the place he wants to do his career best work.

Originally from Hibbing, Minnesota, Jensen was discouraged by friends not to apply to L&M Radiator right out of the nearby vocational tech school. As a result, he moved to Rochester, Minnesota, to pursue his welding career. Five years later, a relative encouraged him to come back home and apply at L&M Radiator. Jensen did just that. Now he wishes he had applied sooner.

“Applying here and joining L&M is probably one of the best things that I’ve ever done in my life,” said Jensen. “It has taught me to not believe everything you hear – especially the negative things – and to give something a try first before making a judgment or decision.”

Jensen joined L&M 22 years ago as a welder and was promoted to welding supervisor in 2010. In his role, Jensen manages a team of 15 welders. He also recently transferred into L&M’s Quality Department.

“I started at the bottom and have worked my way up to a supervisory position thanks to the training, support and mentoring at L&M,” explained Jensen. “As part of the L&M training program, I was able to get 500 certified, which means certified to weld 500 psi oil coolers. When a supervisor position opened, I had the experience and certification I needed. I knew I was ready for that challenge.”

Depth of Experience and Inter-Personal Skills=Supervisory Success

“I get along with everyone and felt I could be an effective supervisor,” said Jensen. “At L&M, it is easy to talk to anyone – from the top to the bottom. The positive company environment, support and training made my transition to a supervisor easy. I still like it here 22 years later. I think that kind of says it all.”

Positive Company Environment and the ‘Little Things’ Make the Difference
Jeremy Jensen joined L&M 22 years ago as a welder and was promoted to welding supervisor in 2010. Jensen manages a team of 15 welders and recently transferred into L&M’s Quality Department.

Jensen’s passion for welding began at Hibbing High School when he took his first welding class. “I enjoyed the ability of bringing things together – joining metal to create something else – as well as the ability to take things apart,” Jensen said.

After graduating, Jensen attended Eveleth Vocational School and interned with the Overhead Door Company. He also worked for several experienced independent welders. All that training helped Jensen master the craft he so enjoys. Now as a supervisor, he helps others to learn the craft of welding as well. “I have worked on pretty much everything out there,” noted Jensen.

Positive Company Environment and the ‘Little Things’ Make the Difference

“The benefits at L&M are fantastic,” said Jensen. “And, it’s not just our medical and 401K benefits. It’s all the little things the company does for its employees. We have summer picnics, lunches and Christmas parties – to name just a few. Our families are invited to many of these activities and events. Other companies just don’t have these types of perks for their employees and their families.”

“L&M is truly a great place to work with people equally good to work with,” added Jensen. “I really feel appreciated. L&M goes above and beyond to do that for all its employees and their families. If you have a family, L&M is the company for you. That is not always the case at other companies.”

Comprehensive Training and Safety Programs

L&M’s extensive training programs include a paid welding apprenticeship program.

“We invest a lot of time in our apprentices,” explained Jensen. “Right now, I have two apprentices. The program is 24 months in length and no experience is required. If you are the right candidate, we will show you everything you need to know. The goal is to hire these individuals after they complete the program and when there are openings. With our extensive apprenticeship training, we can ensure our new employees will be successful and productive from day one. It’s really a win-win for L&M and the employee.”

Building Mesabi-brand radiators and coolers require comprehensive safety procedures and management.

“Safety is a priority for everyone at L&M,” noted Jensen. “The number-one goal is to go home every day uninjured to our families and the company’s safety programs promote that goal. L&M has a safety director, and each department has their own safety representative as well as department-specific safety procedures and regular training. The company’s commitment to safety is another testament to them really caring about all employees.”

Hibbing: The Perfect Place to Raise a Family

When Jensen is not working, he enjoys doing pretty much anything outdoors.

“I love four-wheeling, fishing and hunting,” Jensen said. “Hibbing is the perfect place to do all of that. It’s a great place to live and raise a family.”

He also enjoys watching his favorite professional sports teams, the Minnesota Wild – his favorite – and the Minnesota Vikings. Jensen is married to his high school sweetheart and has four children and three grandchildren.

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