Sandy Southard

“Come Apply”…Warehouse Employee Tells Everyone She Knows to Come Work at L&M Radiator

Sandy Southard joined L&M Radiator three years ago as a Warehouse Employee and couldn’t be happier about her decision to join the L&M Radiator Warehouse team.

As a warehouse employee, Southard’s primary responsibility is shipping out tubes, seals and grommets in support of the company’s Mesabi-brand radiators and coolers. She takes pride in making sure all orders are packed neatly and safely so customers receive their orders without damage. She also helps load and unload trucks and receives and stocks products.

Sandy Southard
Sandy Southard, a L&M Radiator Warehouse employee in Hibbing, Minnesota loves to take on new challenges. Learning the hands-on training provided by the company has been one of the most rewarding parts of Southard’s career.

“Customer satisfaction is our primary goal,” noted Southard.

Southard started in L&M’s warehouse in Hibbing, Minnesota, and has no desire to leave the company. In fact, just the opposite. She’s inviting friends and family to join her, as well as anyone who wants to work for a great company that cares for its employees.

“It’s exactly what I want to do and where I want to do it,” explained Southard. “There is always something new for me to learn so I feel challenged every day. I also feel taken care of here. My supervisors and co-workers are the best. They really care about all of us.”

Team-based Environment was a Perfect Fit
Prior to joining L&M, Southard worked at several places, including a deli, a gas station and another warehouse for an office supply company after graduating high school.
“I didn’t really know what I wanted to do after graduating. I worked at a number of places, but never really found the right place for me until L&M,” she said. “My aunt is the one who encouraged me to apply at L&M. It was funny because I didn’t think the company hired women. I am so glad I was wrong. I never thought I’d be able to say that I’m proud to work somewhere, but I do here. I now tell everyone I know about L&M and to ‘come apply’.”

The People and the Benefits Can’t Be Beat
Over the past three years, Southard has thrived in the warehouse. “I really love it here and am challenged every day,” Southard said. “The people are just so kind and friendly. Everyone from my co-workers to my supervisors are just so incredibly nice and they take care of you. The company cares about all of us and the benefits and family-friendly environment are the best I have ever experienced.”

Training and Support Ensures Employee Success
Training is a critical component to Southard’s job satisfaction and success.
“It was very different here than working in an office supply store, but L&M’s training has been excellent,” explained Southard. “I have learned so much and my mentor was incredible. He showed me everything I needed to know. I think I am at a point now where I know a lot, but the fun part is that there is always something new to learn. And I know that there is someone there to help me when I need it along the way.”

Outside Perspective and Interests
Southard used to go to the mines all the time at her other job, so she had seen the big trucks and radiators that rely upon Mesabi radiators and coolers but had never really thought much about them.
“Now, when I see those big mining trucks, I think, ‘Wow! we build those radiators for those massive machines. It’s pretty cool,’” added Southard.

Southard is married and has a daughter who recently graduated high school. When not working at the L&M warehouse, Southard enjoys trivia nights at a local establishment and watching the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“I love trivia. I’m not good at it, but I still love it,” said Southard. “From very early on, I have been a Steelers fan even though my family were avid Vikings fans. I just prefer watching them more.”

She also enjoys all kinds of music, the outdoors and spending time with family, including barbecues, fishing, going to the cabin and swimming.

“I even tried downhill skiing last year. That did not work out so well, so I won’t be doing that again, but it was still fun to try,” added Southard.

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