There’s a reason Alaska is nicknamed the Last Frontier. As the largest and most sparsely populated state in the nation, Alaska is home to diverse terrain, isolated towns and extreme climates.

Living in Alaska is a unique lifestyle, fully embraced by those who choose to do so. One of these individuals is John Cameron, owner of Cameron and Associates, LLC.

A consultant for the power generation industry, Cameron has since retired from his longtime position as General Manager and Vice President of Marsh Creek Energy. The power division of Marsh Creek, LLC, Marsh Creek Energy designs and manufactures power generation modules specifically for operation in the arctic and extreme cold weather environments. Typically applied in the oil industry and military, these power generation modules can be found throughout Alaska.

“We actually built the first heat recovery module ever used in Alaska,” said Cameron. “Throughout the process, we realized that with the operational characteristics of a module heat recovery system, we were dealing with extreme temperatures, especially for the cooling system.”

An issue Cameron and his team quickly realized with these modules was within their radiators. Radiators could be exposed to temperatures as extreme as -65° F. With conventional radiators, top and bottom tanks were soldered together. As tubes would contract and expand due to the extreme temperatures, the radiators would crack and consequently leak.


Since Alaska’s major resources are so separated, many of Marsh Creek Energy’s power generation modules are located in remote areas.

“To repair or replace a failed unit in the Alaskan bush was incredibly expensive and difficult,” said Cameron. “The radiators would always fail at the worst possible time and condition, typically when it was -50° F.”

Luckily, Cameron had come across MESABI® Radiators from L&M Radiator, Inc. in his previous work as a machinist in Butte, MT. Having been around heavy equipment in cold climates, he realized MESABI® products would be a great fit for the heat recovery modules. With flexible rubber seals and ability to be repaired in the field, this solution contained many appealing characteristics for the region.

“We get frequent wild temperature swings, and we couldn’t accommodate the expansion and contraction of the cooling tubes,” said Cameron. “You would see the tubes try and bend, but they had no where to go.”

With MESABI® flexible rubber seals, the cooling tubes could now expand and contract freely, preventing cracking and breaking at the tube ends.

Cameron and his team quickly introduced MESABI® Radiators to the oil and drilling industry, as well as arctic villages in the state.


Cameron’s involvement with L&M Radiator, Inc. dates back to the 1970’s where he interacted frequently with Alex Chisholm, former L&M Radiator, Inc. President and Chairman of the Board. Since that time, Cameron has been a champion for L&M Radiator, Inc. in Alaska, as he’s seen firsthand how MESABI® Radiators can withstand the elements.

“Over my years in the industry, L&M has provided me with a product that solves a lot of problems for a lot of people,” said Cameron.


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