C&C Power Solutions is a small operation, but its mission looms large. Run by disabled service veterans, C&C deploys military power assets all around the world to places that need it most. In disaster areas, remote locations, and more, C&C provides generators and transmitters to people in need of power.

Cory Wright serves as owner and operator of C&C Power Solutions, a company he founded after retiring from the Navy. When looking for radiators to cool his customers’ power generation equipment, Wright looks no further than L&M Radiator, Inc.

“I work exclusively with L&M because they’re the best on the market,” said Wright. “Their radiators are by far the best quality we’ve used, and we’ve been through a lot of other companies.”

Wright was introduced to L&M Radiator, Inc. in 2001 when he used MESABI® products to help cool large locomotive engines built into generators. In addition to the superior quality of MESABI® products, Wright especially appreciated one unique feature.

“The most important aspect of MESABI® Radiators to us is the removable core,” said Wright. “The way they designed their system with removable tubes is unique, and allows you to maintain a fully functioning radiator.”


As the owner of his own business, Wright carefully considers whom he works with. After all, his name and reputation are on the line.

“The last thing I want is to have my name on something that is going to fail,” said Wright. “I know what MESABI® products can do. We’ve deployed them in any environment and equipment you can think of.”


In addition to the quality of equipment, Wright appreciates the customer experience he’s received while working with L&M Radiator, Inc. In particular, Wright acknowledges his relationship with his sales representative.

“He always has a close eye on my projects. He even helps me keep track of some,” said Wright. “He checks in with me regularly. I greatly appreciate that.”

C&C Power Solutions brings effective energy solutions to the most demanding environments around the world. When designing his custom power generators, Wright trusts the quality behind L&M Radiator, Inc. and The MESABI® Difference.

“They’re genuine, honest people that make a great product,” Wright said. “I encourage anyone to give them an opportunity.”


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